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Physical Therapy

Feel the rejoice of traditional and exotic world of physical therapy to rejuvenating your existence. Traditional Japanese and European full body massage therapies to revamp the and soothe the body and mind of yours. Deep tissue massage to loosen up stressed muscles and hot stone full body massage therapy for deep relaxing feeling that goes on with your calm mind. Get a specialist body massage which concentrates on the specific muscles to improvise the performance of the sport you play.

Affordable Spa Package's

Luxurious spa's that efficiently and surely make you feel the joy of an exotic calmness that goes on with your very existence. Given much interest on the usages of natural botanicals, biological active ingredients and various herbal extracts in all our products has been clinically proven surprisingly effective on your skin. A wide variety of organic skin care solutions including nine different types of facial masks and specific solutions like anti-aging and anti-acne treatments are available here. We also provide an excellent luxury eye mask too.

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